Saturday, May 27, 2017

A few highlights

No timeframe given, but from the last year or so. Tree sparrow:

Swamp sparrow (both have a small spot on the chest):

Snow geese

A redstart, a bit distant

Common Nighthawk:

Colony of bank swallows:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May birds

Have not had a lot of warblers that I got good photos of. There have been a lot of shore birds again. I really like this photo of a white-rumped sandpiper:

It has the warm tones that are often missing from the similar Baird's sandpiper.

Other Lancaster sightings below. A nestling of Great Horned Owl, from a nest under a bike bridge.

A Swainson's thrush. And a catbird.

Bluebirds nesting through May

Just for a show, one warbler I got a photo of. Palm Warbler:

Shorebirds in three sizes.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wrapping up April

The big event of birding is the May migration of all the song birds and many others. A few migrants came through in April.

Yellow headed blackbirds (with other blackbirds):

Sparrows in the same Jack Sinn marsh and Harris's sparrows eating flower buds:

Even a snake out of hibernation, prairie garter snake:

An ibis in a local wetland:

Gulls migrating to North Dakota and Canada:

The more rare Marbled Godwit:

Some  more shorebirds. An American Golden Plover:

And a bluebird near boxes I take care of.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Almost Spring

In March and April new birds arrive weekly

A few shore birds have been located. Wilson's snipes and both yellowlegs.

Pelicans are migrating through and both horned (molting, bottom picture) and eared grebes were seen at Wagontrain recreation area.

This is the time we see ducks in all kinds of puddles before they settle into secret nesting areas or move North.  Ring-necked duck, blue-winged teal.

Cormorants are here for weeks or months and then move further North and West for nesting.  Click the picture for bigger view.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

March readyness

I have another blog on Bluebirds. This is a borrowed sample from there. See for the whole blog.

There are actual signs of bluebirds around the boxes. First I had a check of the North side and was surprised to see a tree swallow. It was merely flying around. The bluebirds and swallows start to have a conflict with the boxes in April. On the North side there was one box near the Nature Center claimed by house sparrows. I will not do anything with that, I doubt very much any bluebirds will nest in the nearest other box. But it needs monitoring.

On the South side I had a surprise as well. They had done a burn. Boxes 1 and 2 in the burn area:

Near these boxes was one male bluebird. Click the picture to see him in a boxed area.

The detail shows him at the same branch. Further along the bike and walking trail no boxes had burned. The entire prairie was burned. Only 5 killdeer were visiting.

Friday, March 10, 2017


With open water in lakes, we get migrating ducks going through here. Buffledheads:

Snow geese and lesser white fronted geese.  A pair of pintails as well.

Red-winged blackbirds have returned. 

Sparrows lingering for a few weeks. Harris's and American Tree sparrows.

Goldfinches get a bit of yellow. Geese are going about claiming nest territory!This pair were honking aggressively, neck bent.

Flocks of waxwings appear on and off, this was about ten. I do not see much of them in summer as they pair up.