Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday, June 29, 2018

Nesting birds

Barn swallows

Purple Martins take 30 days from hatching to full grown

Tree Swallows

And Eastern Bluebirds. These four fledged about a week ago:

Mallard ducklings

NOU and Wikipedia entries

Wikipedia is very selective in what topics are suitable for new articles. Nebraska birds have an article and it refers to the NOU website for the list there.

I was the one that added the second external link to our free on line encyclopedia of Nebraska birds.

In this hot June and July period I had time to fiddle with an actual Wikipedia article. I will not submit that one again, twice rejected. But I learned something. It was rejected due to:

This submission's references do not adequately show the subject's notability. Wikipedia requires significant coverage (not just mere mentions) about the subject in published, reliable, secondarysources that are independent of the subject—see the guidelines on the notability of organizations and companies, the golden rule and learn about mistakes to avoid when addressing this issue. Please improve the submission's referencing etc.
I submitted the following:

Nebraska Ornithologists' Union

The Nebraska Ornithologists' Union, Inc. was founded in 1899 and is currently a non-profit. It has its beginnings in the 1860s with Professor Samuel Aughey, who published the first state list in 1878.[1]
The NOU exists for the purpose of keeping track of birds that are found in Nebraska. It also has two meetings each year where members can go on field trips. Membership is a few hundred.

The main publication is a quarterly, The Nebraska Bird Review. Birds located each quarter are cataloged with the initials of the birder listed under each species of note. The president also writes in the Burrowing Owl newsletter, with meeting announcements and member activity covered. This newsletter is obtained by e-mail or at the NOU website.

 12:04, 28 June 2018 (UTC)
  1.  Swenk, Myron. The Wilson Bulletin (Vol. 28, No. 2 (Jun., 1916)
Here is the link to that history article:

If you had ideas about writing a Wikipedia article, it will not be allowed unless you can cram in dozens of footnotes and links to external pages that describe your Important Subject.


Suppose you are the world expert on some topic. You have 100 publications on it. Others have some. You cannot write the article on it. You can write the review article in a journal and then convince a lesser colleague to write the Wiki article based on your review.

Friday, May 11, 2018

More pictures in eBird

This was supposed to be a useful link, but now it just comes out as a description of what I do many days of the year.

I've photographed birds mostly here, but there are a few foreign ones in the eBird list, Costa Rica and South Korea. Most of them are witha Canon 65x compact zoom camera. The autofocus drives me crazy most of the time.

I've located 181 birds in Nebraska for 2018. All but 2 were birds of the previous 3 years. Purple finch and the water thrush in link below were new.

On the other hand, it took me 13 years to get to 239 in Missouri, where now with more spare time and driving to locations all less than 30 miles, most only 10, I have 253 in 3 years. There is some overlap, but some 20 birds I only found in Missouri and some 30 only in Nebraska. Life birds are in a rougher list, so I have 517 total (some lack all but year and state where found). Of those I cataloged in eBird 466.

There are no birds in the Southern hemisphere, which I have never visited. But many of the birds I find do that too yearly.

I have pictures of 243. You have to click around here for photos.

Hmm, I think that works only if logged into eBird. The pictures themselves can be viewed in dalily eBird lists without logging in: